Why Choose HSI?

We are unique because you are unique! 

All our trips are carefully designed by our team to fit their needs of our students, whether they come as a school trip or individually to one of our immersion programs. 

We collaborate with local business and professionals to impact our local economy. 

We have the students’ safety and wellbeing at the heart of our programs.

We believe in responsible tourism, so we encourage respect with our environment and heritage.

We create authentic programs to show the ¨real Spain¨



What We Do?

An unique approach that combines languages, sports and leadership.

Linguistic Immersion

Our language program is designed to fully immerse our students in a learning journey that will boost their language skills and their understanding of Spanish culture. We achieve the best results possible by combining formal lessons with day-to-day experiences, all in Spanish!


A local group of qualified coaches manages the sport element of our camps and we use the modern municipal facilities to guarantee our students a great time outside the classroom. All sessions are conducted in Spanish so they will also be working on their Spanish and using it for real life purposes.


We believe that leadership skills are one of the most important attributes that a young person should develop to become a successful and confident adult. As well as having teacher-led sessions, students will take part in group-based projects that will foster independent learning and leadership skills.

Qualified teachers

Our teachers are talented professionals with wide experience and passionate about what they do. They are fun, approachable, and prepared to cater for all our students’ needs. At HSI we regularly review or currciulum to adapt it to different cohorts for a maximum impact.

Fantastic Facilities

All of our formal lessons are conducted at a local private school where we have full access to all the facilities; classrooms, ICT suits, cafetería etc. We have also access to some municipal sport facilities including, pools, tennis courts, etc.

Host Families

All our host families come from the town of Illescas and go through a selection process conducted by our director of operations. They are from well-known backgrounds in the town and are recruited through our connection with local schools and familiar with hosting students

An Unforgettable Exprience

Going abroad as a young person can be one of the most rewarding experiences of your life. The friendships you make, the exposure to other cultures and new ways of life will prepare you for the future, open your mind and expand your horizons like no other experience will.

What We Offer

We take care of everything