Taking care of your child

All our host families come from the town of Illescas and go through a selection process conducted by our director of operations. They are from well-known backgrounds in the town and are recruited through our connection with local schools and familiar with hosting students.

They are required to sign a contract with HSI to guarantee a smooth home stay for our students and their rights and obligations are clearly stated in the contract.

Smooth Transition

We conduct interviews and request teacher references in order for us to find the best possible matches for students and their host families.

Mutual Benefits

Hosting an exchange student is a rewarding experience for our families and they happily open their homes and hearts to our students.

Trusted Families

All the families go through a rigorous selection process, sign a contract with HSI and are well-known to us. Together, we ensure that your child has the best possible experience away from home.

Making Contact

Once you have been placed with a host family, you will be put in touch with them. Getting to know each other before arrival makes things easier and adds to the excitement of finally meeting them in person. During the program you can contact your child at any time via any convenient form of communication.


Sound’s great?

Our host families are aware of the needs of young people while away from home and are open and understanding. You as parents/guardians can contact them prior to the visit to establish a link before arrival and are welcome to be in touch during the duration of the program. Should any issues arise, the host family will inform HSI and our staff will immediately contact you. We don’t always offer single-room accommodation, but in most cases students will have their own room. Students must adapt to the family’s rules and customs and be respectful of meal times and everyday routines.

Awesome Experiences