School trips

 If you are a teacher who would like to bring your students to Spain but don’t want to add more to your workload, you are in the right place. 

We offer trips that are authentic so your students will take part in experiences that are 100% real. 

HSI offers school trips designed to give students a taste of Spanish culture while staying either in hotels or with host families.
We focus on Madrid and Toledo so we offer a mix of old and new, beautiful architecture, landscape and the main tourist attractions.

Pupil’s will be captivated by our culture and way of life. They will meet students of the age and interact with them to use their language skills for REAL purposes.

What We Offer?

An unique approach that combines languages, sports and leadership.

Cultural trips

Pupil’s will be captivated by our fantastic art collections found in the world-famous Prado and Reina Sofia museums. For those just wanting to learn more about Spanish language and culture, there is no better way than to immerse yourself amongst the Spaniards and enjoy the Spanish way of life.

Linguistic Immersion Trips

We offer lessons based on ability and as a complement to your curriculum. Whether you are an IB school, follow the American Curriculum or other national varieties, we can adapt to your needs to offer authentic linguistic immersion programs.

Cas or Service trips

We offer the possibility to work with local children teaching them languages. Come and take part in some of the Municipal Eco projects or entertain the elderly at a local Care Home

Class to class projects

Join our one plus one dos program. Get paired with a local school and work on the topics of your choice. Ecology, cultural diversity, immigration…This projects can culminate with a visit at the end of the year. Get your students enthused and excited about their learning!

School exchanges

Are you a Round Square School? Let us tailor-make a program to boost the Ideals of your choice while combining them with cultural and linguistic options.